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New Product Introduction Manager (NPI)

NPI Ops manager is the Operation representative within the Core Team from the Design phase of the project until the beginning of Mass Production.



  • Kick off new Program with Selected Supplier
  • Kick off new Program with Supply Chain team
  • Size NREs for Production/Test Capacity needed at factory and get CT approval
  • Review Project Schedule with Selected Supplier for alignment vs Program Target
  • Size NREs for Mechanical Tooling Capacity needed and participate to Go for tooling approval


  • Lead production line set up at factory for Trial Run (FGR, Pilot) and Mass Production
  • Lead procurement of material at factory for Trial Run (FGR, Pilot) and Mass Production
  • Identify risks and lead implementation of options for mitigation
  • Drive the CT to resolve DFx issues highlighted by factory
  • Influence positively CT to secure delivery at Customer as per initial plan
  • Follow up Mechanical tooling development and confirm Tf approval to supplier
  • Update NPI Dash Board on weekly basis
  • Make sure that SC reflect accurate schedule to feed Demand/Sales team
  • Secure efficient build at factory (being on site if needed). Need to rely on Engineering, quality
  • Schedule Logistic review with Supply Chain Logistics team and IPL/OPL to review "go to market plan" and "shipping plan".(Palletization Spec, Pallet Label, Carton, Label, GTES)
  • GTES inbound data set up with the factory
  • MCO Release for Go for Pilot Build, Pilot Ship, IP build, and IP Ship
  • ECN, Deviations, and MCO implementations management with the factories (especially for Off line suppliers)
  • Provided Risk assessment and Manufacturing Readiness Input for ETM PR1, PR2, PR3, and PR4 gate reviews
  • Interface with Customer Program Manager, Customer (Technical team, Product Manager) or  Supplier Management for solving major issues


  • Collect Project Documentation align Program Development upon Handover Checklist
  • Organize Handover meeting
  • Score performance of Selected Supplier for QBR with AOI if any


  • Owns and supports the NPI process by striving for continuous improvement on NPI process keeping in mind Time to Market, cost and yield optimizations
  • Participate to elaboration or implementation of Best Practice



Candidate’s Profile:

Education: Bachelor's Degree in engineering.

Experience: + 10 years’ experience

Language: English is mandatory- Fluent in other languages a plus.


Recommended technical knowledge:     

  • You are an industrial engineer with several years of experience ideally in a plant and/or with industrial Asian partners and have a depth technical knowledge in manufacturing and factory organization.
  • You have a good knowledge on HW, SW, Mechanics, Supply Chain processes, Logistics, Quality, Environmental.
  • You have a good knowledge on systems (Agile, MRP, collaboration tools…).
  • You react with agility to unplanned events - trigger/track action plans.
  • You identify and track issues to closure.
  • You challenge R&D and factory for optimization of process.
  • You adapt your practices to regional specificities for better cooperation/coordination with others
  • You coordinate team work and you are able to bring a cross-functional team together towards a common goal.
  • You are comfortable in cooperating daily in projects with different R&D and business teams.
  • You act as a team player without losing focus on the target project results.


Key competences:

  • You have a team spirit and are able to work in a multicultural environment.
  • You are synthetic and creative.
  • You are able to analyze deeply.
  • You have strong experience in project management.
  • You have good communication skills
  • You are willing to travel regularly abroad, mainly to Asia.