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Industrialization Project Leader (IPL - Telco)


  • Highly accountable
  • Highly motivated
  • Pro-active attitude
  • Accuracy and first-time right are key
  • Able to handle multiple projects/tasks in parallel.
  • Social and good at communication as the job requires interaction with numerous people: internal departments, customers, suppliers & subcontractors all over the world.
  • Willing to travel to ODM (Vietnam) for few days on exceptional basis (i.e. for pilot production runs)



  • Fluent in speaking and writing English.
  • Can work with Outlook, Excel.
  • Packaging, printing, transport knowledge/experience:
    • Printing processes (RGB, CMYK, Pantone, offset and tampo printing, varnish…)
    • Material knowledge on paper, cardboard and corrugate (flute, liner, crush strength…)
    • Packaging design (die cuts, creases, design must pass qualification for shock and vibration, assure easy folding in factory, stability of the content…)
    • Palletization & transportation (optimal pallet usage, container filling)
    • Label printing (label material, fonts, barcodes, QR…)
    • Costing expertise (packaging, manual, label...) will be a plus
  • 5 years of experience related to industrialization as described in the responsibilities below
  • Bachelor degree in a technical area
  • Knowledge of electronics; what kind of component, basic knowledge, not the functionality.
  • Necessary project management skills and competence to manage and plan introduction of new  products and parts to the factory and suppliers. Follow up the whole process to ensure on time delivery and first time right.
  • Experience in a large multi-national company is a plus.
  • Experience with Oracle Agile PLM is a plus
  • Knowledge of gateways/routers is a plus



  • Keeps close contact with all actors in the projects; report status and issues on a regular and clear base.
  • Manage and plan introduction of new products and parts according to the agreed project milestones.
  • Owns the full BOM of the product in the (Oracle Agile) Product Lifecycle Management system, starting from preliminary, over mass production to obsolete lifecycle.
  • Responsible for the technical communication of the product information to the ODM
  • Owns the FG (Finished Good) PARTS of the product in the PLM. Other parts (housing, PCBA and power supply) will be owned by other related teams/experts.
    • As packaging and printing expert, IPL translates all customer/technicolor requirements into cost optimized giftbox and products. Ensure safe/cost effective transportation of the product from factory to customers worldwide.
    • As cable and DSL-filter/splitter expert, IPL has knowledge and competence to translate customer/technicolor requirements into cost optimized parts.
    • As owner of the PCC-tool and Olympus upgrade tools, IPL takes responsibility to ensure all products are upgradeable and drives SW upgrading in distribution and customization centers worldwide.
    • Generate necessary documents to manage the transfer of a design from an R&D environment to a Factory environment. As such the IPL will also own and document all labeling aspects of the product.
    • Manages correct definition and validation of all data files. Both to feed internal TCH systems (GTES) as for specific files that need to be sent to customers with each shipment.
    • Manages any product updates during mass production (SW changes, second source, accessory changes...)
  • Actively seek and contribute to cost down ideas and solutions. Provide technical support for benchmark, CI actions and factory transfers related to FG parts.
  • Actively seek and contribute to the continuous improvement of your team's capabilities on processes and procedures for the engineering activities.
  • Manage rework activities
  • Investigate/implement innovative request from customer.
  • Support factory transfers from an R&D point of view.